100% LTV 2nd Charge Bridging Solutions for Experienced Landlords & Developers

It may be that you want to use the equity in your portfolio to put a deposit on another Buy to Let or Commercial property, inject cash into another business or you simply want to carry out improvements to your existing properties.

As an experienced landlord , we can provide you,

* with the key to unlocking equity in your property portfolio, especially if you are equity rich but options poor.

* with a flexible funding solution, on a 2nd Charge Bridging Facility of up to 100% LTV of the Purchase Price or OMV, that won't disturb your existing mortgage arrangements.

* 'We have a specialist 2nd charge commercial lender that can often advance funds without the need of the first mortgagee's permission which is ideal if you ha ve a mortgage with lenders such as, The Mortgage Works, Mortgage Express or Precise Mortgages.

The new funds can only be used for business purposes.

* They also specialise in the, BMV marketplace and have flexible bridging solutions from £10,000 to £500,000 including, 100% funding of OMV.

BMV OMV Bridging

To find out more about how we can help you with your next refurbishment or purchases, please contact us to discuss further.